Former President Obama

Former President Obama Holds Rally For Joe Biden On Eve Of Election In Miami
Barack Obama responds to the insurrectio at the Capitol writiing that the country needs to unity around President-Elect Joe Biden.
/ January 6, 2021
“When we create access to the right to vote for eligible citizens,” Abrams told CNN’s Jim Sciutto early Tuesday, “more people participate.”
/ December 29, 2020
Valentino Dixon created a depiction of the Augusta National Golf Course’s 12th hole for Obama after the former first lady reached out.
/ December 28, 2020
Obama Sasha Malia
The family often visited museums after hours, Obama shares in his book, “A Promised Land,” or they’d get advanced copies of new movies.
/ November 17, 2020
Former President Obama is closing the final days of the 2020 race campaigning for Biden, his vice president. His needling’s getting to Trump.
/ October 28, 2020
The 2016 National Teacher of the Year could become the first Black woman to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Congress.
/ July 21, 2018