Gianna Floyd

Gianna Floyd
Gianna Floyd is melting hearts after an iconic photo went viral showing a Marine guard holding the door as she entered the White House.
/ May 26, 2021
George Floyd's Brother Attends Unveiling Of Memorial Portrait In Brooklyn
George Floyd’s murder reawakened a racial uprising that America hadn’t seen in decades — ushering in a new wave of activism.
/ May 25, 2021
U.S. President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden will meet with George Floyd’s family to honor the one year anniversary of the Minneapolis man’s murder.
/ May 22, 2021
During his first address to Congress, Biden addressed policing, saying “We have all seen the knee of justice on the neck of Black Americans.”
/ April 28, 2021
The party was organized by ATL restaurant owners Ericka and William Platt and NBA star Stephen Jackson. Lil Baby funded the entire gathering.
/ December 17, 2020
Gianna Floyd is now a Disney shareholder after Barbra Streisand gifted George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter with shares in Disney. 
/ June 15, 2020
Gianna Floyd
George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, sitting atop the shoulders of her “uncle” retired NBA star, Stephen Jackson, said, “Daddy changed the world.”
/ June 3, 2020