“It’s sad how the good guys are demonized, and criminals are canonized,” Sgt. John Mattingly allegedly wrote in his letter to colleagues.
/ September 22, 2020
On Sunday, Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, wrote a heartbreaking Instagram post directly to Kentucky Atty. Gen. Daniel Cameron calling again for justice.
/ September 14, 2020
Breonna Taylor Kenneth Walker thegrio.com
Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Louisville police should have never sought criminal prosecution against him.
/ September 1, 2020
Brett Hankison, Breonna Taylor theGrio.com
The mayor of Louisville announced Friday that Officer Brett Hankison is being fired from LMPD over his involvement in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.
/ June 19, 2020
Brett Hankison, Breonna Taylor theGrio.com
Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron is refusing to give a timeline as to when the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s death will be completed but asked for patience.
/ June 18, 2020
The Louisville detective who sought ‘no-knock’ warrant for Breonna Taylor’s home which resulted in her death has been placed on administrative reassignment.
/ June 10, 2020
John Rademaker
A white Kentucky doctor has been arrested after strangling a Black teenager following a confrontation about social distancing
/ April 7, 2020