Philadelphia Police Department

Thirty-seven years after being sentenced to prison for murder, a Philadelphia man was released after a federal court found that
/ January 6, 2022
Sykea Patton
A Philadelphia woman is dead after she was shot by her ex-boyfriend as she walked her 5-year-old twin sons home
/ November 24, 2021
Rickia Young Philadelphia
The young mother who was pulled from her car by Philadelphia police and beaten has reached a $2M settlement with
/ September 14, 2021
The bullets that took the life of 8-year-old Fanta Bility and wounded her sister outside of a high school football
/ September 4, 2021
Police tape
A teenage girl was shot and killed on a Philadelphia playground just one week after her 15th birthday.  Simone-Monea Rogers
/ August 23, 2021
A Philadelphia officer who appeared to delete video footage of an arrest from a suspect’s cell phone has been apprehended
/ July 23, 2021
Curtis Crosland
A Philadelphia man has been cleared of murder and released from prison after 34 years by evidence that was suppressed
/ June 25, 2021