police settlement

A Black woman who was violently yanked from her car by Chicago Police amid national protests over the death of
/ March 25, 2022
A teenager in Kansas City has been granted nearly a $1 million settlement after he was arrested and detained for
/ February 24, 2022
Anjanette Young
The city of Chicago is close to a settlement with Anjanette Young, the victim of a wrongful police raid that
/ December 14, 2021
The family of Elijah McClain has settled a civil rights lawsuit with the city of Aurora, Colorado, for $15 million,
/ November 19, 2021
The city of St. Louis has agreed to a $5 million settlement with a Black police officer who was beaten
/ February 16, 2021
New York City on Friday settled a lawsuit brought by the girlfriend of Delrawn Small, a Black man who was
/ February 13, 2021
The family of a man who was allegedly shot to death by police while handcuffed has settled with Prince George’s
/ September 29, 2020