Ron DeSantis

A Florida redistricting plan pushed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis violates the state constitution and is prohibited from being used for any future U.S. congressional elections.
/ September 5, 2023
Associated Press reports on Governor Ron DeSantis’ appearance at a Jacksonville, Florida vigil following a tragic, racist shooting.
/ August 29, 2023
Florida travel advisory, Ron DeSantis, erasing Black history,
About 200 people showed up at an evening vigil nearby a Dollar General store in Jacksonville where officials said Ryan Palmeter opened fire Saturday in a racist mass shooting.
/ August 28, 2023
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing backlash for calling Republican congressional members “listless vessels.”
/ August 21, 2023
Florida Governor DeSantis’ removal of State Attorney Monique Worrell is slammed as undemocratic and racist.
/ August 10, 2023
“There were no redeeming qualities of slavery,” said Harris after DeSantis invited her to debate the state’s new curriculum on slavery.
/ August 2, 2023
To Republicans vying for the presidency, Moms for Liberty has become a potential key partner in the fight for the 2024 nomination.
/ June 13, 2023