S. Lee Merritt

Patrick Warren Sr. was unarmed and at his home in Killeen, Texas, when he was shot by police during a mental health check.
/ January 14, 2021
Jonathan Price Shaun Lucas Texas thegrio.com
Price’s killing via Shaun David Lucas’ gun occurred when the city worker intervened to help in a domestic violence situation at a gas station.
/ October 6, 2020
Witnesses say he tried to intervene in a couple’s scuffle, and when officers responded to the scene, the Price was who they shot.
/ October 5, 2020
Famed civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt has appeared in court on numerous occasions wearing a face mask that reads “George Floyd”.
/ July 17, 2020
Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, said that President Donald Trump was “very compassionate” when she met with him on Tuesday.
/ June 17, 2020
Trump theGrio.com
Donald Trump said he met privately with Black families of police violence, but they did not attend the White House Rose Garden signing of the order.
/ June 16, 2020
Atatiana Jefferson
The funeral for Atatiana Jefferson was scheduled to happen on Saturday, October 19th but was cancelled due to a family dispute.
/ October 20, 2019