US Military

Rep. Barbara Lee
Rep. Barbara Lee is trending after a 2001 clip of her speaking on her Afghanistan vote resurfaced.  Lee, who represents
/ August 16, 2021
Republicans had long been the political party dedicated to supporting the armed forces. However, in a new push to label
/ May 22, 2021
The newly appointed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is wasting little time addressing issues of far-right extremism within the U.S.
/ February 7, 2021
Jason Smedley remembers the pain of his 2000 attack by lower-ranking Marines during a training exercise he led as a
/ February 3, 2021
Newly confirmed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will have to contend not only with a world of security threats and a
/ January 23, 2021
Ongoing investigations have shown that more than one in five of the people currently charged for their involvement in the
/ January 22, 2021
Sidney Powell
In their continued efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results in favor of President Donald Trump, lawyer Sidney Powell
/ December 12, 2020