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Marconja Zor is a journalist and correspondent from Silver Spring, Maryland. Her focus is on human interest, culture, social and entertainment journalism. She is a news aggregator for theGrio and has previously written for EntScoop and The Colorvision. Her passions are one-on-one and panel interviewing, where she is skilled in generating genuine conversations. She gets the answers that the people want to know.

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January 27, 2022
Nikon partners with a Black woman’s photography group to donate $50,000 to support then in education and advocacy efforts.
November 22, 2021
The University of Michigan and Prairie View A&M University men’s basketball teams to faced off in the HBCUs Roundball Experience.
September 16, 2021
Two former Miami police officers who are fans of the ‘Bad Boy’ movies are headed to prison on cocaine distribution charges.
September 16, 2021
Kimberly Chandler has filed for divorce from her husband of 16 years, NBA star Tyson Chandler who last played with Houston.
Dr. Uché Blackstock and Nicki Minaj, theGrio.com
September 15, 2021
Dr. Uché Blackstock responds to vaccine misinformation spread by Nicki Minaj, as well as other concerns amplified by Hollywood figures.
Kevin Faulk thegrio.com
September 15, 2021
The daughter of former NFL Patriots running back Kevin Faulk, Kevione Faulk, passed away at the age of 19 on Monday.
Dr. Sian Proctor thegrio.com
September 15, 2021
Dr. Sian Proctor is making history as the first Black woman to serve as a pilot of a spacecraft when SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission launches.
Black Girls Rock 2019 Hosted By Niecy Nash - Red Carpet
September 14, 2021
#MeToo founder, Tarana Burke, opens about about seeing the man who raped her when she was a child in her new memoir.
Arizona Royal Aleyah McIntyre thegrio.com
September 14, 2021
An Arizona mom is being named as the primary suspect in the murders of two children found in a Phoenix apartment complex on Wednesday, Sept. 8 around 6 p.m.
Blue Ivy Carter thegrio.com
September 13, 2021
Blue Ivy wins a VMA award, making her the youngest winner in the award show’s history as she won for “Brown Skin Girl.”
Crime scene thegrio.com
August 24, 2021
Former Philadelphia police detectives were arrest for perjury which led to an innocent Black man, Anthony Wright, being wrongly convicted.
prison thegrio.com
August 24, 2021
North Carolina judges rule to grant voting access to over 50,000 convicted felons including ones currently on probation
Kobe Bryant
August 23, 2021
Vanessa Bryant shared a sweet message dedicated to her late husband Kobe Bryant on what would have been his 43rd birthday.
HBCUs increase in applicants
August 23, 2021
Historically Black Colleges and Universities are beginning to see a surge in interest, more applications and higher enrollment.
child mask school thegrio.com
August 21, 2021
Florida Board of Education gave 48 hours for school districts to comply with orders of ending school mask mandates.
Rep. Cori Bush, theGrio.com
August 20, 2021
Rep. Cori Bush lands a book deal with Knopf Doubleday Publishing for her book that is set to be titled “The Cori Chronicles.”
Oscar Grant thegrio.com
August 20, 2021
California’s attorney general says they will conduct a review of Officer Anthony Pirone’s actions in Oscar Grant’s 2009 death.
Panola Project Dorothy Oliver thegrio.com
August 19, 2021
Local entrepreneur Dorothy Oliver worked to convince almost her entire town of Panola, Alabama to get vaccinated using information and charm.
Kila Posey thegrio.com
August 18, 2021
The principal of an Atlanta elementary school is under fire after being accused of segregating students in classes based on their race.
burqa thegrio.com
August 18, 2021
The Taliban reportedly shot and killed a woman in Afghanistan for not wearing a burqa despite claiming they would honor women’s rights.