Cyril Ramaphosa, 69, is fully vaccinated and statements didn’t say whether he had been infected with the omicron coronavirus variant.
/ December 12, 2021
Referees described the move as a “clear example of when labor and management work together for the common good of their collective business.”
/ August 28, 2021
The new mask mandate applies to anyone over the age of 2. Businesses also are required to post signs saying masks are required.
/ August 21, 2021
After a fight broke out, the LAPD said on Twitter account that it was “aware of 1 male that was stabbed & is being treated.”
/ August 15, 2021
Biden Administration Reinstates COVID Travel Ban For Non-US Residents
Two U.S. mainlanders traveling to Hawai’i are facing fines and prison time after providing false vaccination records upon arrival.
/ August 14, 2021
Mask mandates are diving parents nationwide with some who want masking to continue and others who believe its unnecessary.
/ July 31, 2021
First lady Jill Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, along with other guests, toured a COVID-19 vaccination site at a Harlem church on Sunday.
/ June 6, 2021