Voter Rights

Senate Democrats attempted to advance a voting and elections overhaul bill early Wednesday morning, only to be blocked by Republicans. 

/ August 11, 2021

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia was among a group of Black men arrested on Capitol Hill Thursday at a

/ July 23, 2021

The Texas Democrats who are currently in Washington D.C. after fleeing their state to delay a bill that would restrict

/ July 19, 2021

Texas Democrats are not giving up on the voting rights of their constituents without a fight.  More than 50 members

/ July 14, 2021

A man who waited seven hours to vote in the Democratic presidential primary was arrested Wednesday on illegal voting charges

/ July 12, 2021
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill that grants those released from prison the right to vote immediately upon discharge,

/ May 9, 2021
Ron DeSantis

The legislature of the state of Florida has passed Senate Bill 90, which will restrict voting rights access for millions

/ April 30, 2021