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Companies fail at diversity
Attorney Ben Crump has joined a class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co., accusing the mortgage lender of discrimination. 
/ April 25, 2022
Companies fail at diversity
White applicants fared better at all of the major banks, but only Wells Fargo denied more Black applicants than it approved.
/ March 18, 2022
Wendy Williams’ troubles have continued to mount as the media personality looks to gain access to a bank account holding a large sum of cash.
/ February 6, 2022
Wells Fargo’s Chief Executive claims the company is struggling to meet its diversity goals due to a lack of Black talent.
/ September 22, 2020
Authorities have now identified Raphael Shaw, 20, as the man stole $104,000 from a west Philadelphia Wells Fargo Bank in May.
/ July 18, 2020
Wells Fargo Bank thegrio.com
A Wells Fargo employee in North Carolina has been accused by federal authorities of stealing over $88,000 cash from a bank vault and then posting the cash on Facebook.
/ December 15, 2019
Wells Fargo Bank thegrio.com
Barbara Carroll went to a Wells Fargo bank to cash a check but the manager threatened to call the police on what they suspected was aa forged check
/ July 26, 2018