Obama visits create business bumps for restaurants (video)

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President Obama dropped by another Washington, DC restaurant last week. His visit to “Five Guys” on Friday caught customers and staff by surprise.

If the President’s previous lunch stops are any indication, “Five Guys” may soon see a line out the door. It was just a couple weeks ago President Obama and Vice President Biden made a surprise stop at “Ray’s Hell Burger” in Arlington, Virginia for lunch.

A sign out front now warns of longer wait times because of all the attention from the visit. Business is sizzling, up from between 25 and 35 percent.

“It’s tremendous President Obama is making the effort to give the local business community a real new sense of life, and a real strong heartening behind everything we’re going through right now,” says owner Michael Landrum.

“Ben’s Chili Bowl” on U Street was already famous before President-elect Obama stopped by in January, but after he came here it’s popularity went through the roof. News of the visit soon drew busloads of tourists.

Along with these businesses enjoying their own personal stimulus from the President, customers say it’s serving up a new cool factor in the dining experience.