Black men mistaken for bank robbers (video)

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Skokie, IL – During a dramatic moment at a suburban bank, police respond to suspicious activity and hold two men at gunpoint. But was it all a case of mistaken identity?

In today’s world no one takes anything for granted. When two men seemed to act suspicious to bank tellers at a Skokie, IL bank, the employees called police. News cameras happened to be nearby and caught some of the action.

Initially, one man was held by police, and then the police used his cell phone, calling his friend who was still inside the bank, telling him to come out with his hands up.

Tellers at the Bank of America called Skokie police after the tellers overheard one man say to the other to tap him three times when he was ready. One of them went to the bathroom twice, then left the bank. The manager also felt one of them had an object on his waistband.

After nearly an hour, the men were allowed to go free. Despite being held by gunpoint, they went back into the bank to finish their business.

Just six weeks ago, at a nail salon business a block away, workers and customers were held at gunpoint. They’ve added security cameras there.

When the two men involved in today’s ordeal left, one was a little more understanding than the other. While they wouldn’t give their names, he admits he does have a police record. That may have raised the police concern.

The men felt the bank staff and police over-reacted, and that this was a case of racial profiling. The police say they were responding to a call for help and had to take it seriously.