Dash-cam video released of OK Highway Patrol and EMT altercation (video)

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released dash-cam video showing an altercation between a state trooper and the crew of an ambulance that he pulled over.

The video shows the paramedics repeatedly tell Trooper Daniel Martin that they have a patient in the ambulance and need to get to a hospital.

Martin chased the ambulance down and pulled it over after the driver refused to yield when the trooper’s car first encountered the vehicle.

Trooper Martin initially passed the ambulance while on his way to another call, but left that scene moments after arriving.

He then encountered the ambulance again and pulled it over.

The video shows an altercation erupt when paramedic Maurice White, Jr. attempts to intervene as Martin yells at the ambulance driver.

The pair struggle briefly more than once during an altercation that lasts several minutes and eventually involved family members of the patient in the ambulance.

Trooper Martin has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation.

Martin maintains that he had every right to pull the ambulance over for the driver’s earlier refusal to yield and adds that the driver made an obscene hand gesture as he passed.