Cosby speaks on Gates’ arrest

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U Mass graduate and African American leader Bill Cosby spoke Thursday about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Cosby, who has frequently spoken critically about the state of black America, remarked, “Those two men need to realize the importance and how this is brewing.”

Though charges against Gates were dropped, the professor still wants an apology from Sgt. James Crowley.

“What it made me realize,” said Gates, “is how vulnerable all black men are, how vulnerable all people of color are and all poor people are to [police].”

Meanwhile, Crowley has said, “I’m not apologizing. I have nothing to apologize for.”

Cosby just wants a resolution.

“You don’t have to shake hands,” Cosby said. “You sit together and say to the public, ‘this is what happened,’ so that people can go on about their lives without worrying about what color one happens to be.”