Female boxers will get a chance at Olympic gold

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For anyone who doubts a woman can hit or ever score a knockout punch, look no further than these women. Some are college students on scholarship and they all fight to win.

“I train 5 days a week for like three hours a day. I train with all guys. They beat up on me so I have to come beat up on her,” said Tracey Redd.

Women boxers now have their eyes on Olympic gold.

Ann Wolfe coaches her daughter Jennifer.

A lot’s changed for Ann and the sport since she became a pro fighter herself known for knockouts.

“I never fathomed that female boxing would be in the Olympics, I always boxed to eat. So, once I started boxing I was homeless so I started boxing just to get a check,” said Ann Wolfe.

Now her aspirations are about her daughter

“If it was something she wanted to do, she had to do it, as long as she went to college first,” Wolfe said.

Women’s boxing is on the verge of drawing even bigger audiences.

“All I’ve been thinking about is the Olympic team cause I’m gonna be on the Olympic team, so I cant wait till I get there,” said Tiesha Douglas.

Starting in London women will suit up like the men, then bout for three rounds.

It gives fighters who hone their bodies to box a new horizon, like Jennifer Wolfe, her mom behind her.

“I never really thought about going, until my momma told me I should go try,” said Jennifer Wolfe.

For the Wolfes, it’s a family tradition, passed between generations.

And now joining the Olympic rings, women have a new ring of their own in boxing.

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