77 year old kills teen who tied him up

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An elderly North Carolina man who was tied up and robbed in his own home by four teens may face charges after police say he chased the suspects down and shot one of them to death.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Marcus Antonio Steven Fluker, 15, died after being shot by the home invasion victim. Family members identified the home invasion victim as Larry McClure, 77.

McClure’s son said his father broke free because he was worried about his wife, who was upstairs. By the time McClure was free, the suspects had run away.

But police say what McClure did next could lead to charges against him.

Police say McClure chased the teens down with his car, and confronted them at a nearby apartment complex. Fluker was shot during the confrontation and died at the hospital.

The three other teens, Joseph Graves, 17, Matthew Everett Morgan, 17, and Tahjaue Wiley, 18, are charged with 2nd degree burglary, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Graves and Morgan have been arrested before in Mecklenburg County.

Police will forward the results of their investigation to the district attorney’s office, to determine if McClure will face homicide charges for Fluker’s death.

North Carolina law allows a homeowner to defend himself against an intruder who is breaking into his home, but not necessarily one who is running away.

Since the confrontation between the McClure and Fluker happened after they left McClure’s property, other factors will determine whether McClure is charged.

Police said at least one of the teens possessed a gun when they allegedly broke into McClure’s home, but they didn’t say whether the teens possessed the gun during the confrontation or pointed it at McClure.

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