Obamas begin vacation as health care debate rages

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President Obama and his family are in Martha’s Vineyard for a time-out in a tough summer. His health care drive is under fire in new TV ads.

“I think a public option is important,” said President Obama.

The President has said he still backs government insurance as part of reform.

“Yes, we are considering alternatives,” said New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Now liberal Democrats who agree are weighing using a special tactic in the Senate. It would let them pass a health care bill with a simple majority, not the usual sixty votes. Republicans are girding for battle.

“That would be an abuse of the process,” said Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

On another front for the president is Afghanistan. Results of last week’s election between incumbent Hamid Karzai versus challenger Abdullah Abdullah, will be made public Tuesday.

There are growing claims of vote rigging. That means new political trouble on top of security threats as US forces enter a ninth year of war.

“Afghanistan is very vulnerable in terms of Taliban and extremists taking over again, and I don’t think that threat’s going to go away,” said Admiral Mike Mullen.

The deficit threat also gets attention Tuesday, with reports out the 10-year deficit will jump from seven to nine trillion dollars.

It’s bound to add steam to the already hot health care fight.