169 students suspended for violating dress code

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School just started, but already more than 160-students in Richmond, Indiana have worn out their welcome. They are suspended from school for wearing the wrong clothes.

Booted from classes — their parents are now protesting suspensions for unacceptable wear.

“No plaids, no nothing on your clothes, you can’t have stitches on your back pocket,” said Kim Young, a parent.

“He says that having stripes on is gang related,” said Zack Perkins, a student.

Jacqueline Bell brought school rejects from her kid’s closets, including two new pairs of jeans.

“My kids have absolutely nothing that complies with the school code…nothing,” Bell said. “And right now I’m trying to get books for my kids that are in college.”

Even school staffers are failing to make the grade.

“She told me I no longer had a job because I did not comply with the dress code. It was a choice of put clothes on my kids for them to stay in school or wear different pants to work and let them get kicked out. I chose my kids over myself,” said Elizabeth Williams.

“The violation of a dress code is treated the same way as a violation of any of our discipline codes,” Superintendent Dr. Allen Bourf said.

Disappointing developments for a superintendent who says parents were informed about the dress code changes last may. The school board didn’t push uniforms, but opted for something that closely mimics them.

“We’re not above saying that our dress code is imperfect. It probably is. We’re very anxious to have the students back in school. Lost instructional time isn’t to any one’s benefit,” Bourf said.