Caught on tape: Alabama woman robs 81 year old

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Police say a Mobile, Alabama woman is attacking people at stores and robbing them in broad daylight. Authorities say the crimes are getting bolder everyday.

Surveillance photos from a Mobile bank show when the first robbery happened Tuesday. They show the suspect, in a multi-colored dress and the victim, an elderly woman.

Investigators say she has struck twice.The first crime happened Tuesday at the Wal-Mart on I-65 in Mobile. Police say two female robbers approached an 81-year-old woman, threatened to kill her and forced her to drive them to a bank and withdraw money.

It happened again Wednesday at a Dollar Tree store. The robbers used a handgun to get attention their target’s attention. The shopper, who is 57-years-old, was also forced to go to a nearby bank to write the robbers a check. After they got their money, they let their victims go.