Giant banner of Obama as the Joker angers NAACP

Emotions run high at a protest over a banner that depicts President Obama as the Joker from Batman. Some call it racist and disrespectful. Others say race has nothing to do with the issue.

The image is stirring up quite a bit of controversy. You can see the large sign is displayed outside of Club Velvet, a gentlemen’s club in Richmond.

The banner led to a protest by the NAACP. The organization says the image is not only an attack on the president, but on all men and people of African descent.

“The presence of a black president that has African blood is very troublesome to many in this country,” said King Salim Halfani. “They can no longer hide their prejudices.”

Not everyone agrees. Some who showed up here say the sign is a reflection of outrage by the American people who are unhappy with President Obama.

“I don’t think it’s racial at all. I think the administration is a joke and that’s the theme behind the picture,” said Frank Singleton.

The owner of the club did issue a statement, which in part says, “Anyone who believes this banner is racist is an ignoramus. And just because the president is part black doesn’t mean he can’t be criticized.”

The NAACP says it will continue to express its displeasure with the sign until it comes down.