How Tiger can earn his stripes back

OPINION - Some are already wondering if he'll ever truly prove worthy of staging an encore. What, if anything, can Tiger ever do...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Judging from Tuesday morning reports of a woman being transported to a hospital from Tiger Woods’ home, the ongoing drama that has become the life and times of Tiger has yet to reach a crescendo. Some are already wondering if he’ll ever truly prove worthy of an encore. What, if anything, can Tiger do to again be looked upon in the same light by his once adoring public?

Indeed, the road to redemption rarely ever comes without pitfalls and the last week or so has shown Woods’ plight to hold no exception. Yet folklore has also long assured us that where there’s a will, there’s typically a way. Thus, herein lies a blueprint to making a way out of no way, as it relates to the restoration of the image and career of the Tiger Woods we all once thought we use to know.

1. Tiger needs to own his own story

In short, Woods needs to come out of hiding. Right or wrong, there exists a presumption of guilty until proven innocent in our society and that decree holds forth even more in the world of celebrity. How can Tiger ever again prove he’s worthy of all our love and adulation when he seems so intent on never again making eye contact with any of us? Sure, he’s admitted to “transgressions” but the overly vague nature of that very response seemed to only stoke the fires of outlandishness even more. Yes, Woods long ago proved he’s a stud, but so many paramours?

2. Display a greater level of humanity

One of the general raps on Tiger has always been his oft standoffish nature. While some might now argue that clearly hasn’t always been his way, if he’s ever to completely reconnect with the public at large he needs to show the world a bit more of of his soul. At times, Woods can appear as stoic and emotionless as they come, traits that can sometimes make one seem both a bit judgmental and egotistical. And the last thing anyone wants to feel is arrogance at the hands of an admitted “transgressor.”

3. Remind us of what all the fanfare was about to begin with

Simply translated that means Tiger needs to reemerge as vintage Tiger along the links. And he needs to do so like yesterday. The reality is the bulk of Tiger’s greatest worshipers are athletes at heart themselves, countless men joined as one by our widespread awe with his standing as arguably the world’s grandest sportsman.

While it’s unlikely many of us will ever completely turn our backs on him, we need to again see his heart —- at least when it comes to the game.

4. Tiger needs to grow up

There’s no denying that pro athletes and famous people in general get away with far more than any of us Regular Joe’s could ever imagine. But part of what makes them most endearing to us is when they act and behave as society outlines we all should. In short, Tiger needs to drop the blatant sense of entitlement routine and humble himself enough to act and behave as all us mere mortals have to.

5. Make good with his family

Not for the media, not for the fans and not for the suits along Madison Ave., rather earnestly for the salvation of his family. Whatever, he needs to do, couple’s counseling, spiritual guidance, whatever, Tiger needs to show us he truly wants the life he still professes to all he does. Being able to again sell us all his many endorsed products has to start with us being able to truly buy the story of his life.

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