Caught on tape: Taxi cab shoot out

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Dash cam video from a state trooper’s car in Connecticut caught a dramatic shootout between the officer and a suspected gang member.

The tape of the January 10th incident was just released today.

It shows the trooper pulling a taxi over on a stretch of interstate-90 near Hartford for speeding.

When the trooper approached the taxi, the passenger in the back seat started shooting with an assault rifle, sending both the trooper and the taxi driver running for cover as the suspect shot out the back window of the cab.

Officials say Darrel Brown was eventually shot and killed by a sharpshooter after a tense standoff with state police.

The tape was released today as part of a final report on the shooting and standoff that followed.

Officials say Brown told them he was an enforcer for the bloods.

The report concluded that the trooper made the correct decisions during the incident, first be retreating to safety and then restraining the cabbie until it was determined that he was not involved.