From Huffington Post

The 2010 election campaign season took an abrupt and aggressive turn in the last 24 hours, as two Republican campaign committees accused the Obama White House of “shamelessly” engaging in “race-baiting” in an effort to hold congressional majorities.

In an email blasted to reporters Wednesday morning, National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Ken Spain charged DNC Chairman Tim Kaine with playing “the race card from the bottom of the deck.” Kaine’s offense? The committee chairman is set to outline a mid-term election strategy on Wednesday that relies heavily on the turnout of “black, Latino or young voters.”

(Spain links to a Wall Street Journal story about the speech titled “Democrats Take New Tack to Rally Base.” Only, in his email, he gives it the following headline: “DNC CHIEF: DEMS PLAN TO RACE BAIT TO SAVE MAJORITY.”)

Alone, the NRCC’s race-baiting charge is a newsworthy reflection of how eager the campaign committee is to take off the gloves in this early campaign season. But what stands out as remarkable about the Spain email is that it echoed a line offered the night before by the Republican National Committee.

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