White Castle to sell burger-scented candle for charity

VIDEO - Don't know what to buy for Mother's Day? White Castle is adding a new burger-scented candle to their menu - all proceeds will go to charity...

For cravers who have found themselves relaxing at home wishing their room could be filled with the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of beef, White Castle has answered the call.

To celebrate its 18th Annual National Hamburger Month, the 89-year-old fast-food chain is offering up a candle that literally smells like a Slider.

And to really make it sell, White Castle says all proceeds from the $10 candles will benefit Autism Speaks.

The candles are packaged in a ceramic holder resembling the signature cardboard sleeve of the White Castle Slider. They are available in select White Castle restaurants and on WhiteCastle.com.

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