GOP leaders must call for Rand Paul to withdraw

According to David S. Bernstein, Rand Paul is bad news for the Republican Party and is urging GOP leaders to force him to withdraw from the race...


It had already been clear enough from reports coming out of Kentucky prior to Tuesday’s primary, but any lingering questions were put to rest earlier tonight on the Rachel Maddow Show: Dr. Rand Paul, Republican nominee for US Senate in Kentucky, disapproves of the public accommodations provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That is to say, he believes that private business owners should be free to refuse service to customers on the basis of race.

This is a disaster in the making for the Republican Party nationally, and they had better realize it. National party leaders need to publicly denounce him, ask for him to withdraw from the race, and, if he stays in, withhold all support from him.

Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong on the impact of this, but my initial political instinct is that it is absolutely untenable for the GOP to have someone holding this view in their party.

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