From Talking Points Memo:

In a judicial smackdown reminiscent of the Orly Taitz saga, the investigating officer in the court martial of Birther Army doctor Terrence Lakin has denied Lakin’s request to compel President Obama to testify, robbing the Birthers of what they hoped would be a golden opportunity to try the “eligibility” question in a high-stakes trial setting.

Lakin is being court martialed for refusing to follow orders to deploy to Afghanistan on the grounds that Obama is not eligible to be president and that therefore, in Lakin’s view, all military orders are illegitimate.

Investigating Officer Lt. Col. Daniel Driscoll ruled in a June 1 memo that he is denying a request to have Obama testify and that he will not review any materials relating to Obama’s eligibility to be president, including birth records and the like, according to a copy (.pdf) of the order released by the American Patriot Foundation, which is backing Lakin.

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