From BlackVoices:

A law firm recently put property on the market, stating that the land was for sale to whites only. A complaint was filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as a result of the sign. The legal notice, which appeared May 17, was a reprint of the language in the deed of the property, stating that “The said land shall not be sold, leased or rented to any person other than of the Caucasian race.” The statement was placed in the New Bedford Standard-Times.

Both the newspaper and the law firm placing the ad issued an apology.

‘’We do not condone the language and do not believe that it would be enforceable. It is industry practice to include in the notice of sale the exact legal description as set forth in the mortgage,’’ said Harmon Law in a statement. And Mary Harrington, the publisher of the newspaper, said that ‘’It was a gross error on our part to publish the notice and we sincerely apologize to our readers.’’

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