Jokingly comparing Twitter to Elmer Fudd and saying smartphones are actually smarter than some people, Bill Cosby appeared on The Today Show to discuss his new weekly web series called “OBKB.”

O-B-K-B stands for okay and O-B is the way Mush Mouth—a character on Fat Albert—talks. It’s also the source of classic Cosby comedy. The webcast, which can be viewed on USTREAM, features Cosby engaging with youngsters in the same style as his hit show Kids Say the Darndest Things.

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Cosby interacting with cute kids is a comedic formula that continues to get giggles and laughs.

When asked why he works so well with children, Cosby says, “You keep it simple and you listen to the children and you push them to think.”

Cosby has even expanded into social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. He credits his wife of 46 years into getting him involved in social networking.

“Wives, after the first child, have a word and they stay with that word and it’s called, now,” Cosby said.