Steele on GOP calls for resignation: 'I ain't going anywhere'

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Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee and unofficial leader of the GOP took the stage this afternoon to address the crowd at the Colorado Republican Party’s “Victory” program in Colorado. It was also the first time he has responded publicly to a brewiing controversy over his claim that the military conflict in Afghanistan is a “war of Obama’s choosing.” This comment sparked outrage across party lines and had many prominent Republicans calling for his resignation.

But today, Steele reported loud and clear that he “ain’t going anywhere” and “that’s not happening so stop the noise on that.”

He went on to add that the party doesn’t need the “distraction,” and that he’s focused on “winning” and a “winning message.”

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Steele barely touched upon his inflammatory remarks from earlier in the week by saying,

“On the other matter, in terms of Afghanistan and all of that, let me be very clear:
Absolutely, without equivocation, or doubt or hesitation, I’m foursquare, a thousand percent with our troops on the ground.”

He continued by expressing his confidence that America will win “this war on terrorism” but did not apologize to the president or his party.

Later in his speech, Steele was met with cheers and applause when he predicted that his party will “celebrate victory in November when you start retiring Harry Reid and firing Nancy Pelosi and putting this country back on the right course.”