Yes, the ‘True Blood’ Rolling Stone cover is pretty sexy. Pretty much. Some people would find the idea of bodies being splattered with blood more disgusting than appealing, yet it’s understandable given that it’s THE theme of ‘True Blood’: sharing blood, stealing blood, healing through blood and the like. Somehow on the show, the writers for ‘True Blood’ are able to convey the mixture of pleasure and misery involved with blood themes.

Yet, on this Rolling Stone cover the stars of ‘True Blood’ — Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer — look more confused than mired in complex passion. Discussions on the Web about this Rolling Stone cover range from critiquing the careless application of the obviously fake blood, to the ongoing debate over whether Anna Paquin is actually hot or not.

But the BV readers are bringing the REAL question to bear regarding this somewhat controversial ‘True Blood’ Rolling Stone cover: where are Tara and Lafayette?

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