Obama: Settlement for black farmers is a 'priority'

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From Talking Points Memo:

President Obama said today that funding the Pigford II settlement is a “priority” for his administration.

During his press conference, Obama was asked about the $1.25 billion settlement for African-American farmers who were discriminated against by the USDA for decades. The funding for the settlement been delayed in Congress for seven months. April Ryan from Urban Radio asked whether Obama could assure that the settlement would be funded before he leaves office.

“It is a fair settlement, it is a just settlement. We think it’s important for Congress to fund that settlement. We’re gonna continue to make it a priority,” he said.

John Boyd, the president of the National Black Farmers Association and the driving force to get the settlement funded, said he was glad to hear it’s a priority — but wants more details.

“I’m hopeful that we hear more details from the administration on how we can get this bill passed in the first weeks of September,” Boyd told TPM. “I would like to see what the next steps are.”

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