Black artist creates work not seen by human eye

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Willard Wigan’s art gallery is not one of your typical galleries — you have to look through a microscope to see the arts he creates.

Artist Willard Wigan says “when they come in here, they get the shock of their life, everybody walks through doors, see work, they’re blown away.”

Wigan’s microsculptures are placed in the eye of a needle or on top of a pin head, and they are so small with the naked eye it looks like nothing more than a speck of dust, but once you look inside the microscope, there’s Little Miss Muffet.

Willard creates his arts using homemade tools and materials like carpet fibers, keylar and a grain of sand. There are times when he has to use hair from a dead fly as paintbrush or pluck one of his own eyelashes to create his wonderful arts.

“when I’m doing the work I don’t get pleasure doing it, I get pleasure when I finish because there is no actual pleasure in the work because it’s sending me insane,” he says.

Most people think he’s crazy, and some even think it’s all a hoax.

Willard Wigan says “that’s a compliment because I’m ready to prove it to any man. I like it when they say it’s a hoax, you know? It just goes to show what I’ve achieved, you know?”