Is your life determined by fate or free will? That’s the question posed in the film The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon. By his side throughout is his guardian angel played by up-and-coming actor Anthony Mackie.

Mackie appeared on The Today Show to talk about his role in the film.

“When I read the script I read it like a play. I was excited and I had never done anything like it. I just went after it as hard as I could,” he said.

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It was the first time he worked with Matt Damon. Mackie admitted that Damon is quite a trash talker when it comes to sports.

“He’s a great guy. You rarely meet people like him. I will say that we won the Super Bowl.”

Mackie says he is a firm believer in the concept of fate.

“I think free will gets in the way, but I think we are all destined for something great. I think we are here because of choices we made but were destined to be here and our choices worked out,” said Mackie.

Mackie expressed his happiness in his career. He said, “It’s a very good time to be me. I’m enjoying it. I get to go home to New Orleans and shoot my next movie. I’m opening a bar in Brooklyn. Everything’s working. I’m just enjoying it.”

The Adjustment Bureau opens next Friday, March 4.