Horror! Kids found among human feces, rotting food

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Upper Darby police responded to a 911 call Tuesday, only to find three young children alone in a house that was “filthy, dirty and filled with human feces,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the Delaware County Times.

Police arrested the children’s parents, 37-year-old Yolanda Nicole Isaac, and 27-year-old Khalil Timbers on charges of reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal conspiracy.

According to police, the Delaware County 911 center received a call from a child that said he was 16 years old. Upon arrival at the home, police found a 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old twins – a boy and girl alone without adult supervision.

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Chitwood told the delcotimes.com that the home was full of human excrement, rotting food and broken glass. There was no floor in the second floor bathroom, making a hole in the living room ceiling, said Chitwood. The toilet did not work, there was human feces in the bathtub, and there was no hot water in the house.

“While we were on scene, the father came in and the mother came in,” Chitwood told the delcotimes.com. “The mom claims she left for work around 5:50 and left the kids in his care.”

The mother, Isaac, has no previous criminal record. The father, Timbers, has a juvenile record that includes charges of rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault and theft of an auto, reports delcotimes.com. As an adult, Timbers was convicted of firearm and theft charges.

The house where the children were found has been boarded up.