From Madame Noire

During a post-Grammy interview with the Associated Press, overnight sensation Justin Bieber performed the ultimate Black-girl no-no when he reached out to pat Esperanza Spalding’s ‘fro. Black women across America went into an uproar…Over hair?

Understandably, women who pay a great deal of money (regardless of whether or not it fits into the budget) to maintain their tresses are inclined to preserve a fresh ‘do for as long as possible. But, it shouldn’t be the end of the world if someone dares to touch it during casual conversation (or yank it a little during you know what). It is not that important; and, certainly not serious enough to throw a tantrum. It’s just hair.

Natural Black hair is not the norm anywhere outside of Africa. Inherently, people are curious. Let us not be so sensitive. We are too easily offended. I’d rather someone ask me about my hair than make assumptions out of ignorance. If that means copping a feel before or while asking, so be it. Relieve them of the burden of bewilderment. Not everyone has malicious intentions. Ignorance can be innocent…

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