Mustafa goes from Old Spice to the big screen

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Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa made a visit to the Today Show this morning to talk about his new debut role in Tyler Perry’s new movie “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” debuting nationwide tomorrow.

The 36-year-old actor was featured on our Grio’s 100 list this year, sharing his experience as “the man your man could smell like” with Al Roker, new-found fame, and how his life has changed.

Mustafa told Kathy Lee and Hoda that he found out he got the role while he was in his bathroom, Skyping with Oprah.

“I was on with Oprah and I told her that I was auditioning for Tyler Perry. She said ‘you know I know him,’” Mustafa said. He asked Winfrey to put in a good word, and she told him he could tell him directly, then turned the computer towards Perry, who was sitting next to her the entire time. Perry told Mustafa he had the role.

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Mustafa also talked about working with Perry on a professional level, saying that when Perry tells his jokes it can be hard to keep it together, but he’s quick to get back in the directing chair.

Madea’s Big Happy Family debuts in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 21.