Teen searches for prom gown in tornado wreckage

A series of powerful tornadoes wiped out hundreds of homes across North Alabama. However, they haven’t wiped out the will of the people to work to get back on their feet and carry on with their lives. Prom is scheduled for this weekend and Alecia Ewing knows her prom dress must be around somewhere.

“It’s in a black and red canvas bag,” she says.

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Alecia was with her mom, dad, brother and sister when the storm hit.

“I have a fracture in my hand and the other injuries are just superficial,” Alecia’s mother said.

There is nothing left of her three thousand square foot home. Nothing but one toilet. The family cars are gone too. Despite all this, the family is thankful to have their lives, the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet.

For hours, Alecia searched for her gown and shoes but never found them. A few hours later, Alecia was overwhelmed by the generosity of a stranger. Total strangers from Decatur came to to pray with them and give the shoes off their feet.

If all this wasn’t enough, the family drove off into the sunset in a car loaned to them by a woman they don’t even know.