From The New York Post:

The emptiness paralyzed Tiki Barber to the point where getting out of bed to face the day was overwhelming. One of the greatest New York Giants of them all barely could move.

There was no drive, no incentive, no reason to go anywhere, be anywhere. No real purpose to serve. Tiki Barber, his football exploits ended by his own accord, his marriage dissolving and his television career in tatters, was melting down.

“I thought, not that I had it all figured out, I thought that I had the right plan,” Barber said yesterday in an exclusive interview with The Post. “The problem with thinking and believing wholeheartedly that you have the right plan is if you’re wrong, you’ve gone all-in. And then when that falls by the wayside, you’re stuck, like I was. I won’t say depressed, but it’s kind of like I was depressed. I was still social, interacting with people, but I didn’t FEEL anything.”

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