On Sunday June 12th Rapper and Actor Ice T will be co-starring in a reality TV series with his wife Coco aptly titled, “Ice Loves Coco.” The E! network will chronicle the couples day-to-day life as they manage their respective business ventures and their almost six-year marriage. In this exclusive interview with TheUrbandaily the couple talks about everything from the reality TV curse, the craziest thing someone has Tweeted and the rumor that Snoop was doing anything inappropriate with Coco.

TUD: What made you decide to do a reality show?

Ice T: We were hounded by E! to do it. People been asking us to do it for a while and finally the time was right and under the right rules and regulations. We didn’t want to destroy our relationship. It’s about our relationship and how we get along and how we handle business.

What is one secret to a successful marriage?

Ice T: You have to admire your mate. You can love somebody but not admire them. If you hold somebody in high regard, if you really look at your mate and go “Wow I really admire what they stand for,” that’s really going to hold true.

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