12-year-old swept away by deadly tides

VIDEO - Nayelin Encarnacion was reported missing Monday night after she was swept away by deadly s currents...

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Body of a 12-year-old girl, was found at New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach. Nayelin Encarnacion was reported missing Monday night after she was swept away by deadly s currents.

Jazmin Candida, the victim’s mother, hugged family and friends, as she mourns her daughter’s death. “She is so very, very sweet, very smart. A nice girl,” she said.

Encarnacion, a sixth grade honors student, drowned while swimming with her brother, Walter Maldonado.

“My sister started screaming my name, so, I noticed she was drifting farther and farther into the ocean and I tried to get her,” said Maldonado. “But, and I was within arms grasp of her, and I couldn’t reach her that’s when she went down.”

Maldonado’s other sister, Suleika, who was also on the beach, started frantically searching for a lifeguard. “I knew there was trouble when I heard them yell for help I just ran right away to one of my friends to get a lifeguard.”

A memorial now stands along K Street, the sight where Encarnacion’s was last seen and not far from where her body was recovered. “We’ve spoken to the life guards and they’re not able to say that it was a rip current. There was a strong current but not necessarily described as a rip current,” said New Hampshire Police Chief James Sullivan.

At her Lawrence home, photographs of the young girl and her family line the walls. Her broken hearted brother says he did all he could to save his little sister. “I became somewhat unconscious and I was still screaming for help but my energy was fading,” said Maldonado. A Good samaritan was able to rescue Maldonado but it was too late for his sister.

An equally broken hearted Suleika shared, “It devastates me that I have lost her this way.”