First Lady Michelle Obama's visit inspires Botswana

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Michelle Obama is back home in the United States from her tour of southern Africa and she has been credited as not only improving U.S. relations with the region, but truly inspiring local residents and bringing a positive aura to those she came in contact with.

The first lady paid tribute Nelson Mandela and many other liberation icons and met with children from both South Africa and Botswana to make an impact. Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, two of their cousins, and her mother, Marian Robinson joined her on her travels including stops to dance and go on safari.

Michelle Obama made a point to draw parallels between the African struggle for liberation to the American civil rights movement as well as spotlight the challenges affecting young African women.

Two influential women in Botswana were inspired by Michelle Obama during her trip. Here’s a brief clip of what they had to say.

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Michelle Obama is back in the United States and her trip will be history, but one thing she can be proud of is the lasting impact she had on some of the people there.

“All of you, the young people of this continent, you are the heirs of that blood, sweat, sacrifice and love” of those who had fought for freedom and democracy,” Obama told young people in Soweto on Wednesday.

“So the question today is, what will you make of that inheritance?”