Memphis woman damages Wendy's, sets K-Mart on fire

Linda McKinnie went on an angry tirade through several public locations Tuesday, ending at a K-Mart where she set multiple fires...

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Linda McKinnie sat down to eat her meal in peace at Wendy’s just off of Austin pea Highway in Memphis. What happened is a story you can’t make up.

McKinnie suddenly started yelling at customers and even threw a chair into a window, causing a massive crack. While Wendy’s employees made a call to 911, McKinnie ran into a nearby ALDI yelling.

Thanks to a prior warning from Wendy’s employees, the supermarket security guards were able to apprehend McKinnie and remove her from the premises, but McKinnie wasn’t finished.

She then crossed six-lanes of traffic and entered K-Mart, quickly moving throughout the store setting multiple fires with lighters in her possession. “I saw a lot of smoke,” said one K-Mart employee. “It looked like, you know when you’re at a Halloween party or something?”

No one was injured and customers were evacuated as 59 emergency personnel arrived on the scene. The store survived the attack thanks to sprinklers and the firefighters on the scene and will re-open Thursday.

McKinnie is scheduled to appear in court on July 7th.