911 dispatcher saves 4-year-old from drowning

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For the parents of three-year-old Maliki Sessions, their guardian angel came in the form of 911 dispatcher David Mancini. Maliki accidentally fell into the family pool and began to drown, he was later rescued by a family member as his father called 911.

While paramedics were en route, the family remained stable as the dispatcher helped them save their child.

“Just tell your son to keep doing (the compressions), be cause you guys are doing a good job. I just need your help to do this please. Until the paramedics arrive,” said 911 dispatcher David Mancini.

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Maliki’s mother says he’s doing “tremendous” and is almost back to normal. He is scheduled to receive physical therapy soon to assist his recovery efforts.

The New Haven, Connecticut dispatcher thanks his team, fellow officers and his training that helped save the boy.