Don Cheadle: 'The Guard' is funny, not offensive

Actor Don Cheadle appeared on Morning Joe today to discuss his new comedy, The Guard which will be released Friday. “I’m really proud of this movie” he gushed, as hosts Scarborough and Brzezinski laughed at an excerpt of new film. The movie takes place in Ireland; with Cheadle’s co-star Brendan Gleeson playing an unconventional police guard native, and the Oscar nominee playing an FBI agent come to track a drug ring.

The two become “sort of de facto partners” throughout the film, explains Cheadle. Gleeson’s character is intent on ruffling his co-stars feathers, asking his character questions like “did you grow up in the projects?” and “I thought black people couldn’t ski. Or is that swimming?”

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Cheadle commented on the racial aspects of the film, saying, “it’s not heavy, it’s like a friend of mine was saying, if he [Gleeson’s character] was really racist, it wouldn’t be funny…he’s clearly, in the movie, just trying to get a rise out of me in any way he can.”

Don Cheadle also talked about Not On Our Watch, a humanitarian organization that he co-founded with George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt. Cheadle explained that they began the organization to raise awareness about the genocides in Sudan and Darfur at the time. He also co-wrote a book with Clooney in 2007, and commented on the progress both countries are slowly making.