Morgan Freeman sound-a-like narrates GOP ads

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From Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — Actor Morgan Freeman sure is interested in Wisconsin politics. At least, it sounds like he is if you listen to the state’s campaign ads.

The conservative group Citizens for a Strong America is running a new ad during the Wisconsin recall campaigns that attacks Democrat Shelly Moore for wanting to raise taxes and give health care to undocumented immigrants. Interestingly, the ad’s narrator sounds quite a bit like Freeman — and this is not the first time this has happened in the state.

“Here’s what Shelly Moore thinks about taxes,” says the narrator in the ad. “Moore and her union fought to overturn the reforms that had finally ended a decade of double-digit property tax increases. And Moore and her union support a government-run health plan that would raise taxes by $510 a month for every Wisconsin worker, and give free health care to illegal aliens. Moore. Taxes. Tell Shelly Moore, when it comes to taxes, we want less, not more.”

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