Jay-Z, Kanye talk Danroy Henry, Chicago crime on track

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News One

Many critics are blasting Kanye West and Jay-Z for rapping about their excess wealth during a recession. Criticism of their new album Watch the Throne seems to be harsher because people don’t think their material reflects the reality of the times. News One argues that on the track murder to excellence, they break that materialistic stereotype.

On the album’s tenth track, Jay-Z and Kanye West focus on police brutality, Black-on-Black crime, and the police killing of 20-year-old Danroy Henry. They specifically zero in on the city of Chicago’s high-crime rates (435 homicides in 2010) and the tragic death of Pace University student, Danroy Henry, who was killed at the hands of Westchester, NY., police in a murder still clouded in controversy.

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