From Talking Points Memo:

It’s the middle of August, members of Congress are at home, and the traditional thinking is that most of America is on vacation, whether they’ve physically left their homes or not. But it seems that whatever the theory about who is paying attention, President Obama is seeing a downward trend in his approval rating, which just hit another low.

Obama registered 39% approval in the daily Gallup tracking poll from Sunday, which is made up of interviews of adult Americans from the three days prior to release (Thursday-Friday-Saturday of last week). It was also the first time the President has dipped below the forty percent threshold.

This is the second all-time low that President Obama has scored within a month. Back on July 29th, Obama hit 40% for the first time, only to push up a few points and stay fairly steady over the following week as Congress finally passed a debt deal. But with news of the S&P downgrade, fluctuating markets and subsequent news coverage of a still troubled economy, the Gallup poll has shown a divergence in presidential approval. And while 54% disapproval is not a record for a tracking poll, it is certainly well above Obama’s marks throughout his Presidency.

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