6-year-old shot by babysitter

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Six-year-old Anthony Clark was shot by his babysitter on Saturday in Clayton County, Georgia. His grandmother Delores Williams, a teacher at her grandson’s school, Anderson Elementary, said Clark “always, always was smiling.”

Anthony lived across the street from his school where his babysitter shot and killed him over the weekend. His babysitter Benny Kimborough, 18, was a friend of the family. He has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless conduct and cruelty to children 2nd degree. Clayton County Police say that Kimborough was “in control of the gun during the unfortunate incident.”

Williams says, “My grandson is gone, nothing is going to bring him back.” The Clark family created the “Anthony Clark Benefit Memorial Fund” at Wells Fargo Bank to help with funeral costs. Those who wish to make a donation can do so at any Wells Fargo Bank.